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Hotsy & Superior Detergents

For pressure washers and automatic parts washers. Get top cleaning performance while protecting your Hotsy equipment!

photoOur detergents are formulated with unique additives that help dissolve and prevent scale build-up in pressure washers and components, thereby reducing costs and downtime.  Hotsy & Superior detergents are fully biodegradable, safe to use in the work place, and have no unpleasant odors.  OSHA Material Safety Data Sheets are available for all our detergents and special products.  Hotsy detergents contain Hotsy's full line of corrosion-inhibiting additives which help protect metal surfaces long after washing is completed.  Our detergents provide more bang for the buck. Mixed with water in ratios of 75 to 1 to as much as 128 to 1, Hotsy & Superior detergents provide an economical yet effective cleaning solution.

Bio Solv

- Blend of citrus and organic solvents with penetrating
  and emulsifying surfactants
- Excellent degreaser
- Will Not produce toxic fumes or unpleasant odors.
- Produces enzymes that digests petroleum based products after
  rinsing with water.
- Biodegradable.
- Non Caustic.
- Contains no chlorinated solvents.
- Safe on all surfaces and very economical.
- Provides excellent corrosion protection.
Part # Quantity
GIBS202 5 Gallons
GIBS202 55 Gallons

Super Clean 100

Super Clean 100 is our best selling detergent/degreaser.  Years of experience and development went into our proprietary formula.  This highly concentrated yet free-rinsing cleaner removes road film with ease while leaving a brilliant shine.  We guarantee you won’t find a better all-around detergent.

Part # Quantity
SC100 P 5 Gallons
SC100 D 55 Gallons

Super Wash

Our new and improved Super Wash soap formula steps up the cleaning and foaming power of an already great car wash soap.  This concentrated detergent is economical yet effective.

Part # Quantity
SW P 5 Gallons
SW D 55 Gallons

Tuff Job

Tuff Job is a highly concentrated degreaser that is extremely effective in removing grease, oil, diesel exhaust and other soils from heavily soiled concrete and ferrous metals such as engine blocks.

Part # Quantity
TUFFJOB P 5 Gallons
TUFFJOB D 55 Gallons


This highly concentrated detergent is extremely popular and effective for tackling crude oil and caked-on buildup of fifth-wheel grease…yet it’s gentle enough for fine finishes on cars.

Part # Quantity
BREAK P 5 Gallons
BREAK D 55 Gallons


A highly concentrated detergent for tackling engine degreasing, parts cleaning, hard-to-clean vehicles, road film, carbon smoke trails, plus food and grease build-ups…in both hot and cold water.  Excellent for whitewalls.  “Fresh & Clean” scent.

Part # Quantity
CARBONATE D 55 Gallons

Aluminum Brightener II

An easy-to-apply brightener for cleaning and restoring aluminum surfaces.  It even makes oxidized aluminum look like new with just one application.  Also removes diesel oils and resins from aluminum.  Not for use on glass.

Part # Quantity
ALUM BRT II P 5 Gallons
ALUM BRT II D 55 Gallons

Phosphatizer II

A complete and economical detergent and phosphatizing system for one-step cleaning and phosphatizing of iron and steel parts.  Equally effective in spray, dip and wipe-on applications.

Part # Quantity
PHOS P 5 Gallons
PHOS D 55 Gallons


A special emulsifying formula with high-powered bleach for processors, packers and packagers of foods, fish and meats.  It’s great for stubborn stains, dirt, odors, oils and fats left behind on equipment, floors and walls.

Part # Quantity

Miracle Wizz

An unsurpassed liquid for removing baked-on carbon found in food preparation, bakeries, restaurants, food-processing plants, etc.  It’s also great for engine degreasing and graffiti removal.

Part # Quantity
MIRACLE P 5 Gallons
MIRACLE D 55 Gallons

400 Wax

Added to a final rinse, this long-lasting, liquid wax creates a durable finish that improves a vehicle’s appearance and keeps dirt from adhering to the surface.  It gives added protection against salt, air pollution and acid rain.

Part # Quantity
ALUM POLISH D 55 Gallons

Aero One

Approved for aircraft use, this non-toxic detergent has met rigorous standards set by Naval Air Development Command; Lockheed (Aerospace Specification AMS-1526); The Boeing Company and McDonnell-Douglas.  High concentrations of corrosion inhibitors fight the effects of salt air, air pollution and acid rain.

Part # Quantity
AERO P 5 Gallons
AERO D 55 Gallons

This phosphate-free detergent is excellent for communities where phosphates are prohibited from entering municipal wastewater treatment facilities.  It’s safe for all kins of cleaning, yet has the power of highly concentrated degreasers.

Part # Quantity
51863 5 Gallons
51865 55 Gallons

Asphalt Remover

Dissolves grease, oil and asphalt while it protects the paint finish on the equipment surface being cleaned. Removes tar and oil from paving tools, truck beds, spreaders, equipment and any surface that needs cleaning. It’s biodegradable, effectively dissolving asphalt build up on all painted or unpainted surface leaving an invisible protective coating to help reduce future buildup.

Part # Quantity
ASPHALT REM D 55 Gallons

Tubmate Torque

Automatic part washing detergent.  A concentrated powder detergent for cleaning a variety of parts including iron, steel, soft metals, plastics and electronics.

Part # Quantity
52862 40 lbs
52864 400 lbs

Natural Orange

Orange powder which is specially formulated for parts washing.  Highly concentrated powder specially formulated to lift hydrocarbons and oils.  Designed to clean all types of metal with excellent rinsing and corrosion protection, without foaming.  Also, an excellent concrete cleaner and degreaser.  Industrial uses include pressure washing, engine re-builders, mechanics, small and large parts cleaning.  Promotes recycling and is biodegradable.

Part # Quantity
NATURAL 50 lbs powder