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Superior Water Solutions, a division of Superior Service Company, sells a variety of water conditioning equipment for the home and business.

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Fights Iron! Removes iron and sulfur bacteria!
The Sanitizer Series are the only water conditioners that effectively soften water, remove iron and manganese, and correct low pH all in a single pass … plus, disinfect the media bed with every regeneration. There are no equipment add-ons. No chemical pumps. The patented control and unique crystalline media make all the difference.

The Unique Media
The Sanitizer Series uses a one-of-a-kind crystalline media (Crystal-Right™) that is not only impervious to chlorine, it provides superior ion exchange and filtering. Two different grades of Crystal-Right media are used today to provide two Sanitizer models, each with slightly different conditioning capabilities.

The Patented Control
The Sanitizer’s patented control produces free chlorine from system brine thanks to an innovative chlorine generator. With each regeneration, free chlorine sanitizes the media bed where iron and sulfur bacteria can grow and incubate. Iron and sulfur bacteria odors and associated problems are virtually eliminated. The solid-state control’s LED lights show system status at a glance. A low-salt alarm helps ensure homeowners the system is always ready to sanitize.

The Reionator

Water Tech Renionator
Fundamentals of the REIONATOR™ Ion Exchange Treatment Process
Water that contains dissolved calcium, magnesium, iron and manganese is commonly referred to as "hard" because these metals can combine with other compounds to leave hard scales or stains on the surfaces they touch, as well as interfering with the effectiveness of soap and other cleaning products. Water may also contain other dissolved unwanted minerals such as lead, nitrates, aesthetic chlorine, aluminum, organics that produce off tastes and odors, and other impurities. The proper selection of a WaterTech REIONATOR™ ion exchange water conditioner can greatly reduce or eliminate the problems caused by the presence of hardness and other unwanted minerals from water supplies. The REIONATOR™ is not intended to serve as a filter for removal of particulate matter. WaterTech Industries offers other products that are specifically designed for this purpose.